Salesforce Integration

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1. Requirements

Note: Please make sure that you have API access to one of the Salesforce editions in order to be able to use the integration with Lemontaps: See Salesforce editions with API access here. You must also have administrator rights to set up the link.

2. Overview of the integration

With the Salesforce integration, either only administrators or also end users can push the contacts recorded with Lemontaps to Salesforce as leads or contacts either automatically or manually. This works for both the mobile version and the desktop version.

User Journey: 

  • Case 1 - Manual push: If you have set the “manual push”, you select the contacts to be exported in the contact overview of the admins as well as in the end user contact overview using the checkboxes and then click on Salesforce. The export is then started.

    Case 2 - Automatic push: If you have selected “automatic push” in the settings, the push to Salesforce is started automatically for every new contact. Previous contacts are not pushed automatically. If you want to have the previously recorded contacts in the CRM as well, you would have to push them once.

  • Status of the export: In the contact table, you can see the status in the “Export” column. If you click on the symbol, you can see further information, e.g. when the export took place. If there is an exclamation mark behind the Salesforce symbol, you can see that the export has failed. If you manually push the contacts, you will also always receive an email with the number of contacts for which the export worked/failed. 

The following attributes are transferred:

Predefined fields in LemontapscontactLead
NotesYes (in the Description field)No
Name prefixYes
First nameYesYes
Last nameYesYes
Email workNoNo
Phone workYes as "Phone"Yes as "Phone"
Phone MobileYes as "Phone"Yes as "Phone"
Address line 1YesYes
Address line 2NoNo
Zip code
Met onYes 
Met byis created as “Contact Owner” if the Lemontaps user's account email is also a Salesforce user.

If the Lemontaps user's account email is not a Salesforce user, the Salesforce user who set up the Lemontaps - Salesforce integration is used as the owner.

Is created as “Lead Owner” if the Lemontaps user's account email is also a Salesforce user.

If the Lemontaps user's account email is not a Salesforce user, the Salesforce user who set up the Lemontaps - Salesforce Integration is used as the owner.

Lead Source: Lemontaps

(Will be added automatically)

Lead Source: Lemontaps

(Will be added automatically)

Custom fields: 

If you do not need all the fields in Lemontaps, write us a message at 

Our IT can remove fields for you or add new fields. Please note that new fields cannot yet be “matched” with Salesforce. However, this feature is currently under development and should be available soon. 


If there is already a contact/lead in Salesforce with the same email address as the contact to be pushed from Lemontaps to Salesforce, then the export will not work as duplicates are prevented. In this case, the reason is also displayed in the export column. In the case of a manual push, you will also receive an email as to whether there were duplicates during the export.


This feature is currently still under development.

3. Linking Lemontaps with Salesforce 

  • Navigate to the CRM integration page. 
  • Click on Salesforce

  • Now click on “Authorize Salesforce”

  • A popup from Salesforce will now appear. Enter your login details. In most cases, you must have administrator rights with Salesforce. 
  • Now authorize Lemontaps in the following popup.
  • Voilá Salesforce is now connected. You can now close the popup. Please note: You do not need to do anything in the “Leads”, “Contacts” etc. fields.

4. Settings in Lemontaps 

You have the following setting options in Lemontaps:

  • automatic or manual export to Salesforce
  • Should contacts be created as leads or as contacts in Salesforce? 
  • Rights: Are individual users also allowed to transfer contacts to Salesforce or only admins? 

You can set the first 2 points here and the editing rights here.

5. FAQs

My export has failed, what could be the reasons for this?

1) Missing information in the contact in Lemontaps: 

  • For contacts, at least 1 name must be specified in the Lemontaps contact, i.e. either first or last name, otherwise there are problems with the export
  • For leads, at least the company name and 1 name must be specified in the Lemontaps contact, otherwise the export will not work 

2) Duplicate:

  • The email address of the contact in Lemontaps already exists in Salesforce for a lead or for a contact. 

3) Refresh: 

  • With automatic synchronization, it is sometimes necessary to refresh the page to see the corresponding icon if, for example, a new contact has been created.
  • Updates to contacts in Lemontaps are not automatically updated in CRM.

4) Other reasons: 

  • It may still not work. Try exporting the contact again. If it still does not work, please contact

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